About Me


I am a happy wife and mother of three adorable girls. Photography helps me to open new horizons of my creative soul. I think to be able to show your true emotions is the most important of a good image. Taking a photo, freezing a real moment of your fast life means a lot and shows all the strength of photography as an Art.

I was born in Russia.
I speak English and Russian.

8 cover 44 publikations in magazine:

 L'Officiel Australia, ELLE, LUCY'S, SHUBA, Solstice, Scorpio Jin, CHIC, GMARO, IMIRAGE, Moevir,FUSE, Fort Lauderdale, ELEGANT Kids, FUSE,TEEN Gruze, MARIKA, Ellements, GEZNO, SUMMER, The Fox, Faddy, The First, MALVIE,Apertyre, Non, SMOD,MOB Journal